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Cool Dragon Name List with Means

  1. Drakon - Meaning "serpent" in Greek mythology (Ancient era)

  2. Aurelia - Meaning "golden dragon" in Latin (Medieval era)

  3. Ignatius - Meaning "fiery one" in Latin (Renaissance era)

  4. Nidhogg - Meaning "dread biter" in Norse mythology (Viking era)

  5. Draco - Meaning "dragon" in Latin (Ancient era)

  6. Onyxia - Derived from the word "onyx," meaning black gemstone (Fantasy era)

  7. Adalinda - Meaning "noble serpent" in Germanic mythology (Medieval era)

  8. Smaug - Name of the dragon from J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" (Fantasy era)

  9. Balerion - Name of the dragon from George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" (Fantasy era)

  10. Zephyr - Meaning "west wind" in Greek mythology (Classical era)

  11. Hydra - Mythological serpent-like creature with multiple heads (Ancient era)

  12. Ashara - Meaning "fire dragon" in Sanskrit (Ancient era)

  13. Excalibur - Legendary sword associated with King Arthur's dragon-slaying (Medieval era)

  14. Ladon - Name of the hundred-headed dragon in Greek mythology (Ancient era)

  15. Vermithrax - Name of the dragon from the film "Dragonslayer" (Fantasy era)

  16. Quetzalcoatl - Feathered serpent deity in Aztec mythology (Ancient era)

  17. Elara - Meaning "shining" in Greek mythology (Classical era)

  18. Grendel - Name of the dragon-like creature in the epic poem "Beowulf" (Medieval era)

  19. Ragnarok - Meaning "fate of the gods" in Norse mythology (Viking era)

  20. Pyroclaw - Combination of "pyro" (fire) and "claw" (Fantasy era)

  21. Nemean - Name of the lion-like dragon slain by Hercules (Ancient era)

  22. Akuma - Meaning "demon" or "devil" in Japanese (Feudal era)

  23. Ouroboros - Ancient symbol of a serpent or dragon devouring its own tail (Ancient era)

  24. Thorn - Symbolic name representing the sharp spines of a dragon (Fantasy era)

  25. Leviathan - Mythological sea serpent mentioned in the Bible (Ancient era)

  26. Nova - Meaning "new" or "star" (Modern era)

  27. Mordred - Name associated with the dragon-slaying knight from Arthurian legends (Medieval era)

  28. Bahamut - Giant fish-dragon from Arabian mythology (Medieval era)

  29. Saphira - Name of the dragon from Christopher Paolini's "Inheritance Cycle" (Fantasy era)

  30. Azazel - Name of a fallen angel associated with dragons in Jewish mythology (Ancient era)

  31. Blaze - Symbolic name representing the fiery nature of dragons (Fantasy era)

  32. Wyrm - Derived from Old English, referring to a dragon or serpent (Medieval era)

  33. Tiamat - Primordial goddess of the ocean in Mesopotamian mythology (Ancient era)

  34. Ryūjin - Meaning "dragon god" in Japanese (Feudal era)

  35. Seren - Welsh name meaning "star" (Medieval era)

  36. Vritra - Dragon or serpent associated with drought in Hindu mythology (Ancient era)

  37. Charizard - Name of a dragon-like Pokémon (Modern era)

  38. Draca - Derived from the Latin word for "dragon" (Medieval era)

  39. Perseus - Mythological hero who slayed the sea monster Cetus (Ancient era)

  40. Stormfang - Combination of "storm" and "fang" (Fantasy era)

  41. Abraxas - Gnostic word associated with a deity that has the body of a human and the head of a rooster or a lion (Ancient era)

  42. Solarius - Meaning "of the sun" in Latin (Renaissance era)

  43. Slayer - Name representing the role of dragonslaying (Fantasy era)

  44. Komodo - Named after the Komodo dragon, the largest living lizard species (Modern era)

  45. Bellatrix - Meaning "warrior" or "female warrior" in Latin (Medieval era)

  46. Nidora - Derived from the word "nidus," meaning nest or lair (Fantasy era)

  47. Aether - Meaning "upper air" or "heaven" in Greek mythology (Classical era)

  48. Scorch - Symbolic name representing the ability to burn or scorch (Fantasy era)

  49. Dragomir - Combination of the Slavic words for "dragon" and "peace" (Medieval era)

  50. Meraxes - Name of the dragon ridden by House Targaryen in "A Song of Ice and Fire" (Fantasy era)

  51. Ciraxis - Derived from the Latin word "circa," meaning around or about (Ancient era)

  52. Drakaina - Feminine form of "drakon" in Greek mythology (Ancient era)

  53. Pyrothor - Combination of "pyro" (fire) and "thor" (thunder) (Fantasy era)

  54. Hyacinth - Name derived from the flower associated with rebirth and spring (Classical era)

  55. Bladewing - Combination of "blade" and "wing" (Fantasy era)

  56. Draxia - Feminine form of "Drax" (Fantasy era)

  57. Ormr - Norse word for "serpent" or "dragon" (Viking era)

  58. Apollyon - Derived from the Greek word for "destroyer" or "destroying angel" (Medieval era)

  59. Vespera - Meaning "evening star" in Latin (Renaissance era)

  60. Glaucus - Name of a sea deity who transformed into a dragon in Greek mythology (Ancient era)

  61. Nimue - Name associated with the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legends (Medieval era)

  62. Zephyrus - Greek god of the west wind (Classical era)

  63. Blazewing - Combination of "blaze" and "wing" (Fantasy era)

  64. Drakor - Combination of "drake" and "or" (Fantasy era)

  65. Scylla - Mythological sea monster with multiple heads and tentacles (Ancient era)

  66. Frostbite - Name representing the icy nature of dragons (Fantasy era)

  67. Apex - Symbolic name representing the pinnacle or highest point (Modern era)

  68. Kaida - Meaning "little dragon" in Japanese (Feudal era)

  69. Lilith - Mythological figure associated with demons and night creatures (Ancient era)

  70. Pyralis - Combination of "pyro" (fire) and "alis" (Fantasy era)

  71. Tarragon - Name derived from the herb known for its dragon-like aroma (Medieval era)

  72. Volcanus - Meaning "of the volcano" in Latin (Ancient era)

  73. Zephyria - Feminine form of "Zephyrus" (Classical era)

  74. Drakonis - Derived from the Latin word for "dragon" (Medieval era)

  75. Alduin - Name of the dragon from the video game "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" (Fantasy era)

  76. Vipera - Latin word for "viper" or "snake" (Ancient era)

  77. Raptora - Feminine form of "raptor" (Fantasy era)

  78. Fafnir - Meaning "greedy" in Old Norse mythology (Medieval era)

  79. Blazeclaw - Combination of "blaze" and "claw" (Fantasy era)

  80. Aldor - Meaning "noble dragon" in Old English (Medieval era)

  81. Aurelian - Meaning "golden" in Latin (Medieval era)

  82. Crimson - Symbolic name representing the deep red color (Fantasy era)

  83. Nyx - Name derived from the Greek goddess of the night (Classical era)

  84. Tempest - Name representing a violent storm or tempest (Fantasy era)

  85. Thalassa - Greek personification of the sea (Classical era)

  86. Obsidian - Name derived from the volcanic glass known for its dark color (Fantasy era)

  87. Apollonia - Feminine form of "Apollo" in Greek mythology (Ancient era)

  88. Vortigern - Name associated with a dragon in Arthurian legends (Medieval era)

  89. Stormrider - Combination of "storm" and "rider" (Fantasy era)

  90. Luminara - Derived fromthe Latin word "luminare," meaning "to illuminate" (Renaissance era)

  91. Drakara - Combination of "drake" and "ara" (Fantasy era)

  92. Amphiptere - Winged serpent or dragon-like creature in heraldry (Medieval era)

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