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Good Dragon Name List with Means

  1. Alduin (Era: Ancient) - Inspired by the powerful dragon from Nordic mythology, meaning "Destroyer."

  2. Emberdrake (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose fiery breath can turn mountains to ash.

  3. Nuriel (Era: Medieval) - A wise dragon associated with protection and healing.

  4. Zephyrwing (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose wings create strong gusts of wind.

  5. Fafnir (Era: Norse) - A legendary dragon known for guarding a vast treasure.

  6. Drakaina (Era: Ancient) - A female dragon, representing strength and grace.

  7. Brynhildr (Era: Norse) - A dragon with a noble and heroic spirit.

  8. Tiamat (Era: Mesopotamian) - An ancient goddess-dragon of chaos and creation.

  9. Nightshadow (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon who emerges under the moonlight, cloaked in shadows.

  10. Aethelred (Era: Medieval) - Derived from Old English, meaning "noble counsel," a wise and strategic dragon.

  11. Pyralis (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose scales shimmer with flames.

  12. Hydra (Era: Ancient) - A multi-headed dragon from Greek mythology, representing regeneration.

  13. Glimmerwing (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon with iridescent and glowing wings.

  14. Beowulf (Era: Medieval) - Inspired by the epic hero who battled a dragon, symbolizing courage and valor.

  15. Aurelia (Era: Latin) - Meaning "golden," a majestic dragon with golden scales.

  16. Stormfang (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon who controls thunder and lightning.

  17. Vritra (Era: Hindu) - A dragon associated with droughts and chaos in Vedic mythology.

  18. Ragnara (Era: Norse) - Derived from Ragnarok, a powerful dragon tied to the end of the world.

  19. Thornspike (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose spikes are as sharp as thorns.

  20. Drakena (Era: Medieval) - A female dragon known for her wisdom and intellect.

  21. Valacar (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose name means "fiery heart" in Elvish.

  22. Azhi Dahaka (Era: Persian) - A three-headed dragon of chaos and destruction.

  23. Moonfire (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose breath shines like the moon.

  24. Thrain (Era: Norse) - A powerful dragon with a strong sense of justice.

  25. Ignatius (Era: Latin) - Derived from "ignite," a dragon whose flames are unmatched.

  26. Belisarda (Era: Medieval) - A dragon whose name means "bright beauty," known for its captivating appearance.

  27. Frostbite (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose icy breath can freeze anything in its path.

  28. Mordremoth (Era: Fantasy) - Inspired by the elder dragon of plant and mind from a mythical realm.

  29. Thalassa (Era: Greek) - Meaning "of the sea," a dragon with a connection to water and ocean.

  30. Drogon (Era: Fantasy) - Named after one of the dragons in a famous epic tale.

  31. Verdantwing (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose wings are adorned with lush foliage.

  32. Vermithrax (Era: Fantasy) - A formidable dragon known for its cunning and intelligence.

  33. Skylar (Era: Modern) - A dragon whose name is inspired by the sky and flight.

  34. Nidhogg (Era: Norse) - A dragon that gnaws at the roots of the world tree Yggdrasil.

  35. Shadowstrike (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon who strikes from the darkness, unseen until it's too late.

  36. Pyrrhus (Era: Ancient) - Named after a dragon-like creature from Greek mythology, representing fire.

  37. Lunara (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon tied to the moon's mystical energies.

  38. Thundertail (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon with a tail that crackles with electricity.

  39. Viktor (Era: Medieval) - Meaning "victorious," a dragon associated with triumph and success.

  40. Artemisia (Era: Greek) - Named after the goddess of the hunt, symbolizing a swift and skilled dragon.

  41. Gargouille (Era: Medieval) - Inspired by the French legend of a dragon that terrorized the city of Rouen.

  42. Thunderclaw (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose claws emit thunderous booms.

  43. Eldurin (Era: Fantasy) - Derived from the Icelandic word for "fire," a dragon with a volcanic nature.

  44. Lysandra (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose name means "liberator" in ancient tales.

  45. Glacios (Era: Fantasy) - Derived from the Latin word for "icy," a dragon with an affinity for ice.

  46. Draconis (Era: Ancient) - A dragon whose name means "dragon" in Latin.

  47. Nimbora (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose name evokes the nimbus clouds they soar through.

  48. Aldora (Era: Fantasy) - A majestic dragon with gilded scales, whose name means "winged gift."

  49. Bahamut (Era: Arabian) - A cosmic dragon of enormous size and power, featured in Arabian mythology.

  50. Faewyn (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon with ethereal and graceful movements.

  51. Viperoth (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon with serpentine features and venomous abilities.

  52. Bladewing (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose wings are as sharp as blades.

  53. Grendel (Era: Medieval) - Inspired by the fearsome dragon-like monster in the epic poem "Beowulf."

  54. Novaflare (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose fiery breath resembles a dazzling stellar explosion.

  55. Stormrider (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon who surfs through thunderclouds and rainstorms.

  56. Enkidu (Era: Mesopotamian) - Named after a dragon-like figure in Sumerian mythology.

  57. Sapphira (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon with shimmering blue scales like precious sapphires.

  58. Scorchfang (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose fiery fangs can melt even the strongest metals.

  59. Eclipse (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon that casts an ominous shadow during a solar or lunar eclipse.

  60. Valiantus (Era: Medieval) - Meaning "valiant" in Latin, a dragon known for its bravery.

  61. Zirnitra (Era: Slavic) - A dragon from Slavic folklore, often associated with water and the underworld.

  62. Silverwing (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon with gleaming silver-colored wings.

  63. Rathalos (Era: Fantasy) - Inspired by a powerful dragon from a legendary video game series.

  64. Valka (Era: Norse) - Meaning "falcon," a dragon associated with the spirits of the fallen warriors.

  65. Frostfang (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose icy breath leaves behind a frosty trail.

  66. Zephyrus (Era: Greek) - Named after the gentle west wind, a dragon with a calming presence.

  67. Mirage (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose illusionary abilities can deceive even the keenest eyes.

  68. Gawain (Era: Arthurian) - Inspired by a dragon-slaying knight of the Round Table.

  69. Blazeheart (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon with a heart that burns with eternal fire.

  70. Hrimfaxi (Era: Norse) - Named after the frosty steed ridden by the moon in Norse mythology.

  71. Maelstrom (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose name evokes the chaotic and powerful whirlpools.

  72. Ryujin (Era: Japanese) - A dragon associated with the power of the sea and ocean.

  73. Chandravajra (Era: Hindu) - A dragon whose name means "moon thunderbolt" in Sanskrit.

  74. Lorelei (Era: Germanic) - Named after a siren-like dragon that lured sailors to their fate.

  75. Bluestar (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon with radiant blue scales like the evening sky.

  76. Akhekhu (Era: Egyptian) - A dragon-like creature mentioned in ancient Egyptian texts.

  77. Zenobia (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose name means "life of Zeus," representing strength and divinity.

  78. Whisperwind (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose wings produce a soft and soothing breeze.

  79. Faolan (Era: Celtic) - Meaning "little wolf," a dragon with wolf-like features.

  80. Sunflare (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose breath is as radiant as the sun.

  81. Ryoko (Era: Japanese) - A dragon with a name that means "dragon child" in Japanese.

  82. Thalrok (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon whose name means "mighty protector" in an ancient tongue.

  83. Blizzardbane (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon that can withstand and control blizzards.

  84. Ormr (Era: Norse) - Meaning "serpent," a dragon from Norse mythology.

  85. Astrafel (Era: Fantasy) - A celestial dragon associated with stars and cosmic phenomena.

  86. Velius (Era: Fantasy) - A dragon with a name that means "ruler" in an ancient tongue.

  87. Lumina (Era: Latin) - Named after the Latin word for "light," a dragon that glows with an inner radiance.

  88. Sigurd (Era: Norse) - Inspired by a legendary dragon-slaying hero from Norse mythology.

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